Friday, 08 September 2017 18:04

Calling Bullshit on America

Calling Bullshit on America Ten or so years ago, during a short stint on active duty with the United States Army, a group of medics taught me a phrase that has resonated ever since: “I call bullshit on the entire operation!” It's one of those timeless bits of military wisdom applicable to many, if not most, of the things soldiers are sent to do by their generals. For these particular soldiers it encapsulated their experience of one mission in particular. Two years into the occupation of Iraq, some brilliant mind somewhere in the Baghdad Green Zone decided that a Vietnam-style…
I personally despise politics. Unfortunately, politics is a necessary evil in a complex society like ours. And since democracy is pretty much the least-bad system of politics anyone has devised, I feel a certain degree of obligation when it comes to participating — reluctantly — in the democratic process. Problem is, much like Treebeard/Fangorn , I'm not really on anyone's side, because no one is really on my side. I actually happen to believe that all human beings have the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness pretty much however they like. That they shouldn't have to sacrifice their freedom on…
Update Note (March 2019) In the two years since writing this, the case for transitioning the United States from one central federal capitol to six or seven autonomous regional federal capitols, each taking the Constitution and interpreting/applying it to suit the residents of Americans living in their area, has only grown stronger. The current President has openly claimed unconstitutional powers through his "Emergency" declaration, and history shows that these kinds of power-grabs function as a prelude to even more extreme actions, unless vigorously opposed. But so long as the Republican party's core supports Trump, nothing fundamental changes in DC, no…
Thursday, 15 June 2017 19:11

Mapping the Break Up of the United States

A question I've been asking myself recently: if the US continues on this apparently unstoppable spiral into total political dysfunction, to the point that we hit our own "Dissolution of the USSR" moment, how might the subsequent map of the (former) Lower 48 shape up? Here is my conception of where things may be/could be headed, informed by a predilection for analytical geography and manipulation of geospatial databases...which are just fancy ways of saying that I like to see how the world works when you start from a spreadsheet, and go graphical from there. (#nerdalert)          …
Monday, 12 December 2016 18:11


amtgeography at gmail dot com forwards to my private Swiss email account (Kolab). The same handle with instead of the gmail address goes to the same place. I'm reclusive, autistic, and mostly focused on projects, so I can't guarantee a timely reply.
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Insight Maker Experiment

This is an experiment using Insight Maker, an awesome, free tool for modeling dynamic systems. Because I'm interested in the idea of looking at society itself as a composite system, I like to do little thought experiments to explore social issues. In this, I model gun violence (just to be outlandish) as a system, where gun buyers scale their purchases to their observation of gun violence in broader society. It is constructed as a bit of a trap: gun buyers make purchases because they see incidents of gun violence on the news, but more guns tends to produce more gun…
Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

PHD in Integrated Kitty Studies

Experiments with memes: Cats. Snuggling on an IKEA Poang
Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Bringing Ragnarok: An Introduction

So I've written this book. I call it Bringing Ragnarok. And I think (others are now confirming this belief) that it is a pretty darn good bit of science fiction. So I've decided to publish it. Still working out the details, but I am quite strongly considering publishing it on Kindle through Amazon. Which means I should probably start doing some writing about Bringing Ragnarok, to convince people to actually read the thing. I am actually a deeply introverted, even shy person. I was also raised in a culture where "bragging" was a basic sin. So my inclination is rarely…
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