Saturday, 25 August 2018 17:29

Bringing Ragnarok is Live on Amazon!

This about two months overdue, but finally I'm getting around to posting the announcement on my own website:

Bringing Ragnarok, Book 1, is live on Amazon!

It is currently available only as an e-book, but I hope once I've a proven track record of sales that I can secure a publisher to handle print publication in the US and abroad.

I've been working to set up a product page on the various Amazon sites that does a credible job of communicating what the Saga is about, how it is unique, and who might be interested in reading it, which at this point is more polished than anything I could write from scratch. So rather than reiterate what I've said elsewhere, here are the links to the various Amazon landing pages where you can find Bringing Ragnarok in your country of residence:

Amazon US -

  • Contains the most up-to-date description and 'from the author' section, where I try to convey a little more about the underlying intent, style, and aesthetic of the Saga than is the norm in the description (which is quite long, in hopes of attracting the *right* readers, whoever and wherever they might be!)

Amazon UK -

  • I actually think readers in the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, so forth) might enjoy the Saga more than American readers, in part because given todays political climate it is all but taboo among certain Americans to entertain the idea that America won't exist ten or twenty years hence. International readers, I suspect, have a less sanguine take on America's future.

Amazon Canada -

  • I have no idea why Amazon splits out their America and Canada pages, but there you are. Now that I've got my UK page (mostly) in synch with the US page, Canada and Australia are next.

Amazon Australia (and New Zealand too? Hello Auckland!) -

  • Like with Canada, I still need to contact to get them to update my landing page (again, why, Amazon, don't you just cluster by language, instead of country)

Amazon India -

  • There are probably as many English speakers in India as the USA by this point, and given that my work is deeply concerned with colonialism and colonisation/colonization, something Indians are quite familiar with, and one of the main characters is a Punjabi veteran of the insurgency in Kashmir, I'd love to have readers in Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi!

Amazon Germany -

  • A core Thread in Bringing Ragnarok takes a 20-something grad student (a woman, for added fun) to 1944 Germany, where she changes history in a rather crucial way, then has to work with the Germans to try and make the end of World War 2 in Europe a little less horrible. Because the story deals very closely with the practical and moral problems the German Resistance would have faced after Operation Valkyrie, I think many Germans, particularly those of the younger generations for whom the war (like with Americans) is only a faded memory of something our grandparents went through, might find the alternative history scenario I've set up interesting and worth a read. I've also set up a little welcome statement in my author bio that reveals how much German I can comprehend, which should be enough to convince any German reader that I should always write in English, not German!

I have a sneaking suspicion that, because I write in English, other markets won't be as accessible to me, so I'll leave the direct links to those pages for now, unless I get some information that tells me there are large numbers of English-speaking readers of science fiction in Japan (Ah what the Hel, here's the link, since I would love to have Japanese readers and Mexico (Yes, I'm an American who remembers our southern neighbor, and is happy to welcome immigrants from there, further south - well, anywhere really, since I am extremely pro-immigration)

Please note that if you check multiple pages for some reason, certain sections look different and contain slightly different content. Amazon splits out their web presence by country, which I think is a bit silly, but they probably have a good reason.

And if you aren't an e-book reader, still, keep an eye on Bringing Ragnarok. I originally intended to go down the more traditional publishing route, but have realized that the whole entrepreneurship thing actually suits me. With paid advertising, I can collect data on who is more (or less) fond of the concept, and then use that to build readership, which I hope to leverage into a print book deal, as publishers have far more reach (and translation capabilities). But e-book publishing lets me control the initial publication and editing, to publish the story I think people want to read.

So in summary - lovers of alternative/alternate history, science fiction (fairly hard, but with an emphasis on social systems), and/or Norse mythology might enjoy Bringing Ragnarok. At least, I certainly hope this is the case, as I have decided to commit to writing fiction full time, and to be successful, I need readers.

Happy reading, and be well!