Friday, 04 May 2018 11:44

Michelle Wolf = Awesomesauce

Michelle Wolf is basically my hero right now. For obvious reasons.

America has a huge problem with cowardice in the media. Driven by the need to compete for advertising revenues, the contemporary American news media long ago made the choice to whore itself out to the lobbyists and politicians in D.C. Journalists get sanctimonious about their supposed role in "speaking truth to power", but few actually do in the United States. By and large, the US media engages less in reporting, and more in myth-making. So to see a comedian stand in front of a bunch of well-connected media types complicit in America's decline, and actually speak some truths, is very gratifying. Though also a bit sad. Because nothing of what Michelle Wolf said should have surprised anyone, and the teapot tempest she started focused entirely on her style and delivery, not the substance of her critique.

Anyone willing to set aside the myths and partisanship and take a hard, honest look at this country can see how bad things are, and how much worse they can get. Right now, the media should be leading a nationwide discussion on how to achieve the reforms we need to keep moving forward as a country. But, nah. Why risk upsetting the readers who have bought into your brand and the companies who want to advertise through it? It is easier by far to publish piece after piece whining about how Americans are reading "fake news" delivered by algorithms on social media, and then without any sense of irony go on cite some nincompoop or other's Twitter commentary.

Michelle Wolf unapologetically called the media out on their hypocrisy, and I hope more people start to do the same thing, wherever they run into people with power who claim a special role in society, but whose actions show that they're actually just another set of self-interested, self-aggrandizing charlatans.

The Fourth Estate in America is dead, and like most other things, old white men killed it. News outlets run by this caste have by and large sold out to become classic rent-seekers, maximizing profits at the expense of the the broader public's need and desire for information about what is happening in the world. Whether FOX, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, whomever, they're selling a fundamentally biased product while claiming a special place in American society. Which I find morally and ethically repugnant. And, from a pragmatic perspective, also deeply dangerous. Because what they don't cover is usually the stuff that matters most.

So, like Matt Taibbi, I'm pleased to see a nationally televised comedy act that assaults the media's cozy relationship with power. I'm pleased to see these charlatans squirm as their little game is exposed.

You go, Michelle Wolf. Stick it to the bastards. They are probably more responsible than anyone else for the rise of Trump, and the normalization of his morally defunct, illegitimate occupation of the Oval Office. If the professionals won't write what needs to be written about the state of the world today, then I'll listen to the comedians.