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Insight Maker Experiment

This is an experiment using Insight Maker, an awesome, free tool for modeling dynamic systems.

Because I'm interested in the idea of looking at society itself as a composite system, I like to do little thought experiments to explore social issues. In this, I model gun violence (just to be outlandish) as a system, where gun buyers scale their purchases to their observation of gun violence in broader society. It is constructed as a bit of a trap: gun buyers make purchases because they see incidents of gun violence on the news, but more guns tends to produce more gun violence, and losses to the gun buyer population due to accidents and suicides*

Long story short, I suggest here that gun violence is a self-sustaining problem, where all actors behave 'rationally', but also end up harming themselves in the long run.

Embedded Insight Maker

*I grew up hunting, and for the first 18 years of my life was rarely more than a few feet from a firearm. Plus, I served in the Army, and was trained/practiced in the use of weapons ranging from pistols to chain guns and grenade machine guns. I see firearms first and foremost as tools - exceptionally dangerous tools that are too easily placed in the hands of half-trained paranoiacs who are more likely to kill themselves or a family member than any home intruder. I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment. I have a serious problem with idiots abusing it.

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