Saturday, 08 June 2019 17:09

Bringing Ragnarok Lore - The Sandra Chavez Rules of Battlefield Survival

Sandra Chavez is one of the Missoula Regiment's primary Commanders, a veteran of the American Forever Wars with deployments to Kuwait 2013 (E2), Iraq 2015 (E3), Afghanistan 2018 (E4, promoted to E5/Sergeant), Syria 2019 (E5), Iraq/Syria 2023 (E6), and Pakistan 2025-2027 (E7).

Initially enlisted as 31B (Military Police), re-classed to 19D (Cavalry Scout) in 2018. Left the Armed Forces as an E8 (Master Sergeant) in 2030 after the Collapse, joining the Missoula Regiment in the same year.

As a result of her experiences and continuing formal education - BA earned in 2017, MS in 2023, ended studies at PhD (all but dissertation) - during a stint at the old National Training Center Chavez established the following "Rules of 21st Century Battlefield Survival," eventually incorporating all thirteen into Missoula Regiment standing doctrine.

Numerous attempts by colleagues to convince Sergeant Chavez to pursue an Officer commission failed.

In her own words: "Why would I take on all that damn paperwork?"


Sandra Chavez and the Thirteen Rules of 21st Century Battlefield Survival

1. What can see you, can kill you - stick to cover.

2. What can't see you can still kill you - always choose the thickest cover.

3. When out of cover, assume you've been seen.

4. When seen, either superior speed or firepower saves you.

5. Training, experience, and good equipment can give you the decisive edge in a hard fight.

6. But the wise warrior seeks any fight only rarely, and a fair fight never.

7. The most deadly weapon is a scout team in a hide with commo links to fire support.

8. Most important combat objectives will boil down to: go there, control that.

9. The warrior who lives to old age is the one who never achieves objectives in the expected way.

10. Armor is backup - taking a hit always ruins your day.

11. All good rules apply equally well at every level but implementation varies with the terrain.

12. Frontal assaults, charges, and anything else traditionally macho is for fools with a death wish.

13. Sometimes fools are the most deadly opponents of all.